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How much glop should I use?

We recommend starting with a grain of rice size amount and adding more from there! A little goes a very long way!

Are your products all natural?

Yes! Except for a small amount of fragrance and color, which are not in the unscented products. 

How long will a lotion bar last?

It's equal to about 8-9 tubes of hand cream. Don't let the size fool you, it'll last a long time!

Are your containers recyclable?

Yes! Please recycle or bring empty containers back for a free product.

Is a roll-on stronger than a spray perfume?

Yes! It is more concentrated, so you get more scent in a smaller space. To make it stronger, apply lotion first and then roll-on!

Do you have a storefront?

Yes! From Thanksgiving to Christmas, we are open at Traders World, building 1A, on Saturday and Sunday. 

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